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Being Security Minded

White Lion — January 07, 2015

Whenever you make a purchase or submit personal information on a website you are trusting the site is secure and keeping your data safe. Several recent security breaches in the public retail sector made big news, and serve to highlight just how important it is for trusted companies to examine internal security procedures for possible vulnerabilities.

Start security discussions early

The White Lion team starts security discussions early in the planning stages for each project. Why so early in the process? The primary reason is that potential vulnerabilities can often be identified before any code is written. By taking this approach, proper security checks are initiated throughout the development process rather than making security an afterthought.

Don’t rely on built in security

Built in security checks are great, but we don’t rely on them solely. When writing custom code it is possible to miss vulnerabilities if you rely only on built in security checks. Therefore, we also run both targeted and automated penetration tests during QA testing. This helps identify obscure vulnerabilities that might have been missed otherwise.

Everybody needs to be involved

It’s important for every member of the project team to be security minded – both developers and project managers too. As a secondary line of defense, a project manager asking the right questions during the discovery stage can uncover parts of a feature that will require a vulnerability check.

With our team’s fervent focus on security throughout all stages of a project, we are able to develop websites and mobile applications we can be proud to stand behind.

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