Happiness As A Moral Obligation

White Lion — March 11, 2015

We strive to delight our customers and enthusiastically work toward a common goal of excellence everyday. Promoting positive attitudes is part of our core values here at White Lion, particularly our #3 core value, Honor.

As a part of our culture, all new team members are asked to watch a short 5 minute video by Dennis Prager called “Happiness as a Moral Obligation” as a reminder of just how important their happiness is.

Dennis Prager has dedicated his life to sharing his views on the origins of moral values. In his video “Happiness as a Moral Obligation” Prager makes a very compelling argument that happiness is one of the most important choices we can make each day. It not only points out the importance of a positive attitude but the damage a poor attitude can have on others.

Happiness at Your Daily Work Environment

Although this seems easy enough, it can be challenging to make sure that we take care of our happiness first because in order to promote happiness one must also actively perform acts of happiness. For instance, making sure I get enough sleep during a busy work week, a daily walk around the lake with my family, a weekly date night, are all ways I keep myself happy. Compiling a list of must haves may help you on your journey to a happier life.

I think the greatest take away from Prager’s video is that we impact others and they impact us constantly. We do have an obligation to pursue our own happiness, but we also have an obligation to work towards, or at least not interfere with the happiness of others. His ideas of happiness are one step at making sure the world is a better place to live in and that we are actively part of that betterment.

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