Why Search for Nothing?

Heelo is a start-up that lets users win money for doing what they are already doing – searching the web. Users signup, set Heelo as their default page on their computers and mobile devices, and search the internet the way they always have. Users earn volts each time, and volts can be used to play a game for a variety of prizes, including a jackpot that grows each time someone plays the game.

The Challenge

The Heelo team came to White Lion with an idea for a site that rewards users each time they search the internet. They knew what they wanted and were eager to roll up their sleeves to work with the White Lion team to figure out the details.

The Solution

White Lion worked with the Heelo team to conceive, wireframe, design, and build the custom application. The unique requirements for the website lent itself to a custom code approach to drive the website and game/prize engine.

Easy Signup

Visitors interested in joining Heelo to earn while they search can complete an easy step-through process. The screens are responsively optimized to range from a desktop computer, laptop, or a mobile device.


Earn Some Volts

Subscribers can earn volts when they use Heelo as their default Google search page. They can earn additional volts each day when they share the site through Facebook and Twitter. Volts charge up the battery and can be used to Play & Win.

Play & Win

Folks can play to win for each 24 volts they get through searching and sharing. Prizes range from additional volts, small and large dollar amounts, and a jackpot that increases every time someone plays the game. We made the prize payout algorithm manageable through the custom CMS, so the Heelo team can update both the odds and payout amounts.


Heelo’s website application is up and running and users are signing up to make some bank from the internet searches they already do each day.

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