9 Easy Tips for Creating Clear Project Deliverables

White Lion — March 16, 2016

In an industry where time is money, creating clear project deliverables is key to getting what you want while preserving your budget (and sanity).  From requesting a text update to the inclusion of a new feature, creating clear and detailed deliverables up front will help you in the end.

  1. When applicable, start with an overview of the issue at hand. The more clearly we understand the PROBLEM you’re facing, the more accurately we can help find a SOLUTION.
  2. Make sure deliverables and steps are listed out clearly and concisely.
  3. Create a bulleted list of features/requests/updates.
  4. Make sure everyone is using the same nomenclature. Avoid vague words; be as direct as possible.
  5. As often as possible, include the URLs of any pages you’re referring to as well as screen shots highlighting the areas to be discussed.
  6. When sending content (e.g. text, images, videos):
    • Organize the files as clearly as possible.
    • Name your files according to the name of the piece of content.
    • Send text content in a Word document.
  7. Title your emails with a relevant name to the update you are requesting.
  8. Send one email per request and put all updates and replies in that thread.
  9. It is always preferred for a Project Manager to have one main point of contact at an organization so to avoid any miscommunication between stakeholders.

These may seem like little things, but they can make a world of difference in helping achieve your goals while saving time and money along the way.

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