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Is Your Organization Missing the Digital Marketing Boat?

White Lion — October 20, 2016

The market is continuing to shift to mobile and digital at an accelerating rate widening the gap between those who benefit from a digital strategy and those who are still trying to figure it out. As influencers and leaders within our organization, we want to avoid missing out on significant opportunities to grow and expand our offering.

The Market has Shifted


Forrester Research points out that to stay competitive, all organizations must go through a digital transformation, focusing on digital development and customer experience improvement.

From the research, “Only 5% of organizations feel that they have mastered digital to a point of differentiation from their competitors.”

The research further states, “To preserve internal resources, reduce time-to-market, and overcome gaps in capabilities, many businesses turn to third-party solution providers to help with their digital transformation.”

Web Development has Evolved

Starting in 1995, White Lion built a reputation around web design and development. As the majority of customer engagement now takes place online, the White Lion team has been able to deliver a dramatically improved digital customer experience through the creation of custom websites and web applications.

20 years later, in 2015, it became clear to the team how expanded digital marketing services were also needed. White Lion realized it needed to not only build better websites and web applications — it needed to be a trusted digital marketing resource as well.

It is No Longer About Just Building a Better Mousetrap

Building websites and web applications can be like building a mousetrap. Building a better mousetrap doesn’t necessarily bring more buyers. Often times the leading mousetrap isn’t actually the best mousetrap the market has to offer. The company with the best digital marketing strategy and team often gets the upper hand. In this ‘Age of the Customer,’ we have to engage and educate people about the best product or service for their needs and then convert them from lookers into buyers. At White Lion, we want to help you get the digital marketing upper hand.

What is Digital Marketing & Digital Strategy?

Marketing is clearly communicating the true value you offer to the marketplace. Digital marketing is using online technologies and digital platforms to promote your offering and grow your business. Digital strategy is using the right team, plan of action, tactics and digital tools to attract, engage and win over new and existing customers.

  • Digital marketing is multi-channel — think email, SMS/text, or platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Snapchat, Instagram and others.
  • Digital marketing is meeting and engaging your customers and potential customers where they are.
  • Digital marketing is highly measurable.
  • Digital marketing is fluid and iterative, allowing for the ongoing testing, learning and optimization of targeted campaigns along with the power to easily repeat and expand the winners.

The Modern Marketing Lifecycle

It starts with identifying groups of target customers and discovering where they hang out. Then a typical customer journey is mapped detailing how to best attract new customers with valuable content written from the voice of your customer. A planned series of offers, many of which start small and gradually build with trust, converts more lookers into buyers. The process is then repeated for attracting new customers and engaging existing ones.


What is White Lion’s Digital Marketing Offering?

As part of its own digital transformation, White Lion has expanded its offering beyond custom website and application design and development, to include digital marketing. Finding the right leadership and digital marketing expertise has been a key ingredient to growing the digital marketing offering. So how then is White Lion’s digital marketing different?

3 Ways White Lion’s Digital Marketing Approach is Designed to Deliver Results

With a disciplined, agile and interactive mindset, White Lion Digital Marketing engagements center around 3 foundational aspects:

1. Using Natural Language from Your Customers Leads to Higher Conversions

Whether you’re targeting small or large businesses, millennials or baby-boomers, you have to speak in a language that your audience can easily relate to and understand. At White Lion, we engage your audience in creative ways and then dig deep into your customer feedback. We use the results to continually shape your marketing copy, so your message resonates powerfully with your target audience, delivering bigger results.

2. Gradual Engagement Builds Trust and a Larger Customer Base

The digital revolution has radically changed the consumer purchasing process. Your customers now have direct access to your brand, and they expect a personalized, one-to-one experience. White Lion builds the conversation with your customers gradually, so they first get to know you, then like you, and then trust you. We do this by using targeted educational content to incrementally engage in more marketplace conversations. As more of your audience engages with your brand, they often make progressively larger engagement commitments, building trust along with more sales.

3. Designing a Marketing Engine Propels Growth

We all like some reasonable degree of certainty, especially with marketing efforts. Consider a ‘Marketing Engine’ designed to produce a range of predictable results, like generating new leads or more transactions. The idea of putting $3 into a Marketing Engine, which consistently outputs around $7 would get almost anyone out of their chair, taking a few victory laps. When you engage White Lion we craft an adaptable digital marketing strategy that then leads to a series of digital marketing campaigns. Your Marketing Engine is tuned through the combined learning from the campaigns. The end result is a Marketing Engine that helps automate your momentum — allowing your organization to ramp up growth in a more predictable manner.

Jump Start Your Approach to Digital Marketing

The digital momentum is showing no signs of slowing. This creates opportunity for those who guide their organizations towards building out a strong digital marketing strategy. Get ahead of the digital marketing wave and stop being overtaken by others who catch the wave first.

Let White Lion review your current approach and help establish a more effective strategy. We will create a plan to help you achieve your business goals and increase conversions.

How well is your site converting?

As a simple next step, we invite you to submit your website to receive a no-obligation assessment on your existing website. Let us give you a starting point to build your digital momentum.

Contact our Digital Marketing Team if you are ready to learn more.

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