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The Power of WordPress

White Lion — November 05, 2014

Now boasting more than 60 million websites, WordPress has well outgrown its blog platform roots and become an extremely popular choice as a content management system in recent years. And for good reason.

  1. With a built-in blog feed, page creator and media library, it provides an intuitive admin interface which makes it easy to create and manage content and lowers the long-term cost of website maintenance;
  2. It is highly supported by the WordPress community and development team, which is continually releasing updates as it increases security and adds new features;
  3. It is extremely customizable with thousands of themes and innumerable third-party plugins provided by a vast and devoted community of developers;
  4. Its code is well documented, which speeds up development and makes troubleshooting a cinch.

White Lion is on the WordPress Wagon

Here at White Lion, we are fully capable of developing in any framework. And after doing quite a bit of WordPress work in the past, we finally decided to take a step back and build our own theme and give our clients several built-in options to hit the ground running.

We are proud to announce that we are now offering websites built on our own hand-coded, clean-structured, easy-to-use, feature-rich White Lion WordPress theme.

WordPress Montecore demoo

To get a glimpse of the theme in action, check out our fully functioning demo.

Additionally, to demonstrate how we can easily customize the theme, we have also created a White Lion branded version for you to see.

White Lion WordPress

Here are some of the features we built into the White Lion WordPress theme that you don’t always get with some off-the-shelf themes:

  • A fully responsive, mobile-friendly experience based on the Foundation 5 front-end framework
  • An administrable home page slider
  • Completely administrable navigation menus and widget areas
  • Full control over meta keywords, descriptions and social media data
  • Contact forms provided by the Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Custom fields on pages and posts provided by the Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  • Shortcodes to add content columns, buttons, alert boxes, colorized labels, callouts, tooltips, icons, accordions and tabs
  • Blog post comments managed by the Disqus Comment System
  • Multiple page layout templates to choose from
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • “Back to top” button
  • Optional long pages with smooth scrolling sub navigation
  • Optional subpage hero images
  • Ability to add additional post types for unique content categories (e.g. team, testimonials, portfolio, job openings, etc.) on request

In addition to the features listed above, we have gone to great lengths to ensure an increased level of security for our WordPress clients.

If you find the theme does not provide a feature you require, we can always customize it to match your needs. We will also continue to add new features to our own theme, so you may find that the theme demo contains more features than those listed at the time of this posting.

Ready to get started with your own WordPress powered custom website? Let us craft something fierce for you!

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