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Download the Complete Guide to Evaluate and Prioritize your Digital Marketing & Web Strategy

Is your marketing team stretched thin with managing campaigns, creating landing pages or website launches?

If are you not dedicating enough time and energy to design and execute a digital strategy that will separate you from your competition, this guide could be for you.

White Lion has created a comprehensive 99-point digital marketing and website strategy checklist. It is designed to guide the planning process and help you and your team create a customized plan to meet specific yearly revenue goals. Our hope is that you discover tremendous value and share the Digital Planning Guide with your colleagues and friends.

Download the Digital Planning Guide

Avoid Missing Revenue Opportunities

Whether you help run a for-profit or a non-profit or if you are part of a small, mid-sized enterprise, this 99-point list helps ensures no digital marketing or website stone is left unturned.

Review Latest Trends

Review Latest Trends

The Digital Planning Guide is full of the latest digital marketing and website development trends, to help you and your team plan for growth.

Evaluate Leading Frameworks

Evaluate Leading Frameworks

A number of proven strategic methodologies are referenced so your team can plot a more profitable course and outpace your competition.

Create a Plan of Action

Create a Plan of Action

No matter if your plan is in the beginning or final stages, each section of the Digital Planning Guide will help you verify your plan is on the right competitive footing.

If you have significant influence over the digital marketing and web strategy for your organization, this plan is for you.


Prioritize Key Items

Each of the 99 attributes can be evaluated and then prioritized so you and your team can focus on what will have the most impact this year.

Align Your Organization

Unify all team members, divisions and departments by having an agreed-upon yearly plan and course of action.

Save Your Team Time

The Digital Planning Guide contains 95 handpicked reference links, which will save you and your team time in calibrating your plan. The content is easy to skim, too.

Plan Better

Simply follow the checklist to help ensure your organization's plan is geared towards your company goals.


“I recommend marketing teams compare their digital marketing and website development plans against this comprehensive checklist.”

Neville Letzerich, Chief Marketing Officer at HotSchedules

Help Your Entire Organization Plan for Higher Revenue Success

Business works better when you have the right strategic plan in place. Here's to your team's plan and higher revenue growth!

Download the Digital Planning Guide