White Lion Interactive

Editorial Guidelines


We are proud to have some of the most energetic digital marketers, web developers and creative people of our industry working with us. We work as a team to contribute content to help our clients learn more about the complexities of digital marketing and web development.

We take a lot of pride in the blog we have created and therefore must hold all team members and guest contributors to our standard of excellence that has proven to provide the most value to our clients. These guidelines are set forth to help you better understand who we are and provide guidelines for written content that we will publish on our blog.

About White Lion

Around since 1995, White Lion is a digital marketing and custom web development agency located in Austin, Texas. In that time, we’ve launched over 600 web development projects for clients ranging from corporations to ad agencies, and nonprofits to start-ups.

We build custom websites and applications helping our clients better connect with their customers. We use digital marketing to deliver targeted messaging, find and attract the right audience and build stronger, more lasting relationships.

We work to be digital partners for our clients by building lasting relationships. Being able to understand the web for our clients and power their success is what drives us. We’ve helped clients get clicks and tell great stories. We are dedicated to making our customers lives better by creating custom solutions to give them more time to do what they do best; run their businesses.

Digital experiences that convert.

We seek to connect and build stronger relationships between our clients and their customers.

To build strategy and websites that help our clients succeed.

Target Audience

Delivering digital marketing, web design, and web application services targeting midsize North American companies with 100 to 250 employees and revenue between $50 million and $250 million per year with annual marketing budgets of between $100,000 to $250,000. Ideal clients have a strong regional, national or global growth mindset requiring a sophisticated team to handle complex business rules and in many cases multilingual and multi-currency capabilities. Our services are delivered by our team based in Austin, Texas, using a combination of inbound, outbound and referrer channels. Revenue is primarily derived from defined hourly and fixed cost projects which can range from $15,000 – $250,000. A significant portion of our revenue is derived from supporting our long-time client relationships. Hosting services provide a predictable revenue stream and allow our team to deploy and maintain websites…faster. A growing part of our revenue will be coming from ongoing digital marketing engagements.

Target Users

  • Executive Directors
    • Large Companies 100-200 Employees
    • Midsize Companies 50-100 Employees
  • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Public Utilities
    • CO-OPs
    • Community Organizations
  • Vendor Managers
    • Ad Agencies
    • Creative Agencies
    • PR Firms
    • Video Production Firms
  • Independent Business Owners
    • Launching new/existing products
    • Need a custom Web Application
    • Entrepreneurs
  • Head of IT
    • Technical development companies who need web support.
    • Companies who need custom web integration to support their offering.
  • Marketing Teams
    • Employees of any of the companies listed above who are on the marketing team helping to promote their business.
    • Independent marketing teams looking for a web development partner.

Voice and Tone

White Lion strives to produce fresh, relevant, instructive content. Our audience is business-savvy professionals who need help with digital marketing or help building a custom website with custom features. Typically they don’t have a lot of knowledge around specific technical details but are willing to learn enough to educate themselves on what they need. Ultimately, they are looking to us for guidance and best practice methods. Articles should be geared towards educating readers with some web knowledge but not in-depth coding language. Advanced topics are okay as long as the article educates or links to other sites where they can read more.

  • Friendly and accessible, but not overly casual
  • Helpful and knowledgeable, but not salesy or pushy
  • Expert, but not know-it-all (keep the technical jargon to a minimum)
  • Fun, but not slapstick or childish
  • Technical but not too technical

Required Content Guidelines

  • Be of interest to our audience or have a hook which will entice them to read.
  • Be timely and relevant.
  • Be useful to our audience. (Note: A joke or a chart could each be useful.)
  • Be user-friendly. (Easy to scan and to understand.)
  • Present information in an original manner.
  • Headings every 2-4 paragraphs.
  • For any quote or statistic used within your post, credit your sources and provide links to website or footnote.Make sure to properly cite any sources.
  • We follow the AP Stylebook manual for writing.

Linking Policy

  • It is almost always better to write an informative link, able to stand on its own rather than a link like “click here” or just providing the URL.
  • We encourage linking to educational sites such as Hubspot, Digital Marketer, Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Depot, 3rd party vendors, etc. If you are unsure please ask for clarification.
  • We do not allow linking to competitors in our industry (custom web development and digital marketing) If you are unsure please ask for clarification.
  • We prefer links in the main text verse at the bottom of an article.
  • Guest bloggers can link to own company website where relevant within the written article.

Content Review Policy

Quality content takes time to edit and prepare, so please be aware that our review cycle could take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Once your content is delivered to us, we will start the review and editing process which can take about 1-2 weeks. Once we have had the chance to go through your article and review we will send it back over to you for review and approval. This review/revision cycle could take many days/weeks depending but we want to come to an agreement before anything is published. We reserve the right to change, modify or edit content to better suit our audience and needs.

Reposting Policy

We strongly encourage our guest bloggers and contributors to republish their written content on their own site blog and social media accounts, making sure to link back to our original blog post.

Additional Helpful Thoughts When Writing Your Article

  • Be a Storyteller. Stories give you a reason to communicate and relate. Business storytelling is similar. Create alignment between White Lion and your reader. Stories are how audiences remember.
  • Consider Including Conflict. If your story lacks conflict then you are not telling a story. Without conflict or struggle your words are just statements or unique selling points. Lead with a conflict or problem you are trying to solve with your article.
  • Make it Educational. Educate your readers on their problems and solutions to those problems. Explain the benefits of the features without sounding salesy.
  • Add Value and Be a Teacher. Show and Tell your users how this works.
  • Write in a conversational tone. Write with a single person in mind. Shorten your sentences. Engage with questions. Add a dollop of personality.
  • Speak their language. Use clear language so that everyone will understand what you’re trying to explain.
  • If you speak like a scientist, only scientists will understand you. But if you speak like a truck driver, both scientists and truck drivers will understand you.
  • Spell out acronyms (like Javascript for JS).
  • Explain anything that sounds too technical. Explain features.
  • Don’t be robotic. Relay our personality and sense of humor, but don’t go crazy (think clever, not silly).
  • Build trust. Be consistent and authentic.


  • Only provide graphics that you have the proper usage rights to let us use on our site.
  • Provide details as needed for images that need we will need to credit.
  • Provide a large image to be used as the header for the blog post that is 1040px wide x 650px tall. If none is supplied we will create an appropriate graphic.
  • Images used throughout the body of the article should be at least 800px wide. Height can be as tall as needed. We will compress images accordingly to allow for fast download.
  • We will supply graphics if none are available