This Google Update May Crush Your Site... And It's About To Get Worse!

Are you taking SSL Certificates seriously?

Not Secure

Beginning in October 2017, Chrome will show the ‘Not secure’ warning in two additional situations: when users enter data on an HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.


Why HTTPS and Secure Certificates Really Matter

Are you a marketing professional responsible for running a website or a group of websites and want to keep web traffic flowing? If so, these security changes should be on your radar screen.

We all want a safer web experience and Google is helping to lead the charge.

In 2014, Google started rewarding websites that have migrated from HTTP to HTTPS with better organic search engine results.

In other words, if your site is still using HTTP you are being penalized.

Web browsers like Google Chrome have begun giving an outright warning notice to all your visitors that your site is not secure, so it’s time to take action.

Having a site using HTTPS means having a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate installed.

Once your SSL Certificate is installed, your site and its visitors are better protected.

Are you are ready to secure your site?

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3 Reasons To Secure Your Site Now

Negative Search Engine Optimization

Reason #1

Negative Search Engine Optimization

Website operators who are currently operating behind standard HTTP are getting penalized and potentially missing out on quality traffic that may be going instead to competitors, who have already upgraded to HTTPS.

Negative Search Engine Optimization

Reason #2

Attackers Can Impersonate Your Website

As two Google engineers explain, when your site is using HTTP, attackers are able to hijack your website traffic to your website and display whatever text or images they desire. Yikes!

Negative Search Engine Optimization

Reason #3

Your Brand will Take a Hit

Google Chrome has already started to roll out these updates. Your website might already be affected and is giving your visitors a big fat warning that your site is unsecured, and as outlined in this article, the notice can negatively impact not only conversions but also long-term branding and goodwill.

Take action now, here’s how…

Option 1

You Take Care of It

If you prefer to have your internal team or have an existing web resource manage the migration, installation, and ongoing maintenance of your SSL certificate.

Here are five SSL certificate authorities:

  1. GeoTrust
  2. GoDaddy
  3. Network Solutions
  4. Let’s Encrypt
  5. Symantec

Option 2

Fully Managed and Monitored by White Lion

If your team doesn’t have the time or expertise, let White Lion manage the entire process for you! We have been around for 20+ years and know a thing or two about installing Secure Certificates.

Your business will be covered for 3 full years of SSL maintenance. We do all of the work for you to ensure your site certificate is automatically renewed and your site remains secure, guaranteed.

3 Reasons to Have White Lion Secure Your Site and Manage Your SSL Certificate.

  1. We are a trusted, Austin-based company founded in 1995 having deep experience hosting websites and handling secure certificates.
  2. Our team can get your SSL certificate ready and installed in less than 2 weeks. We will seamlessly work with your team to take care of everything.
  3. Ongoing maintenance is required with all SSL certificates and White Lion has the secure, proactive monitoring in place to ensure there is little to no downtime.

What White Lion Clients are saying…

“My favorite part of working with White Lion was how responsive and helpful your team is. You always worked hard to ensure that any problems we had were fixed quickly and efficiently. It made the entire process a lot easier.”

Catherine Clark Pecan South Magazine

Take action to protect your conversions, brand, and website traffic.

SSL Certificate Install & Monitoring

3 years
of Ongoing
  • Migration from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Turnaround time is usually 2 weeks or less
  • All work is backed by a money back guarantee
  • 3 years of ongoing support and SSL certificate renewals. (After 3 years, SSL renewal support runs $77 per year.)

*Depending on the complexity of your web site, some may require additional support time to install your SSL Certificate.

It only takes 4 Simple Steps

  1. Fill-out the information below to connect with Nick Kramer
  2. We’ll contact you to gather web hosting information
  3. Our Team will Install and test your new SSL certificate
  4. Ongoing and secure monitoring is put into place

Migrate to HTTPS and secure your site.

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Some things we can snooze on, but website security isn't one.

Some things we can snooze on, but website security isn’t one.

If you are reading this and haven’t taken action, why haven’t you? Help your team win more by taking action and getting the needed HTTPS security upgrade.