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Average is Over is an open repository of categorized productivity content from around the web. Each posting includes an executive summary, saving busy professionals time and energy. A site powered by Gray Wolf Workflow and The Proactive Lane Boot Camp, Average is Over offers continual learning to Boot Camp graduates as a paid weekly subscription service.

The Challenge

In an effort to create awareness, the Average is Over team realized there wasn’t a centralized spot on the web for high-quality, productivity content. The vision was to create a leading source for hand-picked, quality productivity content to help promote Gray Wolf product and service offerings.

The Solution

Needing not just an interactive website, branding and core messaging was also needed to launch the site on solid footing. The White Lion team created a custom WordPress site allowing for content and authors to be easily added while cross-referencing and linking other relevant content to help best educator visitors of the world of productivity optimization.

Special Features

Custom features were added to the WordPress administration site allowing for content to be added in an efficient manner.


The end result is an engaging content-rich website marked by professional branding, simple and crisp messaging and a visually compelling color palette across all categories.

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