JP3 Measurement

Critical Data. Real Time.

JP3 Measurement is an equipment and information company that develops oil and gas analyzers and data analytics. JP3 provides real-time compositional information about the hydrocarbon streams their clients produce, transport, process, refine, and sell, enabling them to radically improve their process efficiencies and maximize profitability.

The Challenge

JP3 Measurement’s website had become dated, difficult to update, and failed to fully communicate the company’s history and product offerings. They needed a website that would better reflect their brand position and company culture. They also wanted a scalable foundation to support future phase upgrades.

The Solution

White Lion mapped out content in a logical manner for a consistent user experience. We developed a structure to help better explain the complexities their technology has to offer. Built on WordPress, JP3 Measurement has the ability to manage and update content as needed.

Product Pages for Custom Applications

It quickly became clear that while the products didn’t look very different, the materials they analyze are very unique. Product pages were designed to give JP3 Measurement the ability to upload unique spec sheets and details to display the variations of their product offering.

Custom Illustrations

JP3 Measurement offers technical tools that aid the oil and gas industry at several points along the process. Creating custom illustrations allowed us to visually group each offering and display specifics for each application on subpages. This enables users to get to the section that most applies to them quickly and find the product that best suits their needs.


Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Along with the website redesign, the JP3 Measurement site scales nicely from desktop down to tablet and phone. This allows the user to experience a similar design regardless of the device they are on without having to zoom in or pan around the screen. Additionally, we took steps to make sure images stacked nicely and fonts scaled to appropriate reading sizes depending on the width of the screen.

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