Wood County Electric Cooperative

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Wood County Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit cooperative that seeks to provide member-customers with reliable electric service. They have been providing electric power to East Texas since 1938 and were one of Texas’ first electric cooperatives.

The Challenge

The previous WCEC site was visually dated and difficult to update. WCEC identified an opportunity to bolster their marketing efforts by redesigning their website to better meet member needs. We needed to produce a site that was not only engaging and intuitive for visitors, but also addressed accessibility and mobile devices. Additionally, we wanted to create a scalable foundation which would support future upgrades and developments.

The Solution

In order to keep everything administrable, we offered a custom WordPress site that allows WCEC members to edit every piece of content on the site, as well as add new pages and options where needed. Special attention was also paid to the accessibility feature as we wanted to ensure that every user could access and read the website regardless of their device. The biggest upgrade was the design of the site, and we enjoyed bringing new life and a modern perspective to the brand.

Multiple Channels to Communicate with Members

We wanted to give WCEC several different ways of messaging members through their website as one of their primary goals was to make the website more digestible for their members. On the home page, WCEC staff now have the option to add an alert for any service outages. We also gave them an administrable hero area that they use to promote specific content from the site. Finally, we provided a fresh new WordPress blog that allows them to regularly push news and important information to their members.

Website Accessibility

There are a number of accessibility features on the website including the ability to enlarge text. Users are also able to access all interactive features of the website using their keyboard shortcuts. Finally, we wanted to provide an effective use of color and bold headings so that text was easily legible. Read more about accessibility on our blog featuring WCEC.



Responsive, Modern Design

We wanted the new web design to be one that not only fit with WCEC’s existing brand and history but also elevated them into the modern responsive space. We leveraged their brand colors and took inspiration from their new office building. Local residents and members can now make the visual connection between the physical location of the WCEC office and the website.




The WCEC team has been thoroughly enjoying their new site. They now have an effective way of communicating with their members, and a website that is modern, mobile friendly, accessible, and forward-thinking.

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